Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man, this kid kills me.

Three accidents in 24 hours. Nothing that's really his fault but boy does he have bad luck.

First, he knocks over a can of paint upstairs (which apparently I didn't seal all the way) and gets paint all over his brand new clothes that he had just worn for the first time yesterday along with the carpet in one of the bedrooms. Instead of coming to me and telling me about the mess he'd made, he attempted to clean it up himself which only made the clean up worse. I tried for over 3 hours last night to get all the paint out and while I got most of it out of the shirt, and I think it would be wearable, the pants will now become "home pants" because there is no way I'm sending him to school with paint splattered jeans.

Then, this morning, he trips over his own feet while carrying his leftover breakfast to the garbage can and gets food all over his clothes requiring a wardrobe change.

Lastly, his thermos came open inside his book bag and leaked milk all over the place. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal because the only thing he usually has in his book bag is his lunch box. But no. Today was library day and he had a library book in there. The pages were all stuck together and in my attempt to separate the pages, the pages tore apart. The book is ruined.

I know, none of this is really a huge deal. I can buy another pair of pants, I can wash the clothes from this morning, I can buy a new book to give to the school. It just seems as though Murphy has been visiting us a little too much lately and I'd like him to back off.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Anthony sat down with me this morning at breakfast and says "I'm going to say grace!" Then proceeds to pray over his food.




I ask him where he learned that from and he says at his "little kids school" (the daycare).

If you didn't know by now, I am not a religious person. Generally, I am a very passive person about it. "Live and let live" -you know? But when people start indoctrinating my son it just burns me up. How do I bring this subject up with the daycare people? Do I bring this up with the daycare people? Do I risk them treating him/me like an outcast? Do I risk them being mean to him? Do I risk them ignoring my wishes just to spite me? Or do I just shut up and deal with it?

He is at such an impressionable young age. If he grows up and decides he wants to believe in a god, out of his own free will, I will be fine with it. I am not fine with people convincing him that things are true and forcing him to perform religious rituals when he doesn't have the mental ability to figure things out on his own.

This is on top of learning that he does the pledge of allegiance at his "big kids school" every morning and the part "under god" is included. I know I can't possibly be the only non-theist/non-Christian parent with kids going to this public school.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crossing my fingers

I have been working very hard on getting down to the Orlando area.

My union representative just so happened to be in a class out in Oklahoma City with a supervisor from Sanford tower (which is my #1 choice!). The sup told him about a guy that is trying to move up into the Northeast so they exchanged numbers and I've been keeping in touch with the sup about once a week since then.

The controller from Sanford doesn't want to move to a lower level facility (Sanford is an 8, here is a 7). So it was looking like a dead end. :(

Then, last night I found a guy from Baltimore (level 9) that wants to move down here to my tower because he has family here and wants to live closer to them. So, I emailed him about a three way swap. Sanford guy goes to Baltimore, Baltimore guy comes here, I go to Sanford. He says it sounds pretty good. I talked with the sup this afternoon and planted that seed and he sounded really excited and thinks the controller from Sanford might take it. (He is from the DC area and Baltimore is really close AND a level higher than Sanford). So now I wait to hear back from the sup to see if the controller will take it.


The only catch = When doing swaps, the controllers have to be certified for 1 year before they can swap. My 1 year is in May of next year so this won't happen until at least May BUT if I can figure it all out and get it set in STONE I won't care! Because all that matters is that I get there.

I am trying not to get my hopes up. I know that one (or both) of these controllers can flake out on the deal. But it is hard not getting excited about it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All about ANTHONY! :)

Anthony's first week of school is done and I am pleased to say that it went well! Anthony loves everything about "big kids school". He loves walking to school in the morning, he loves bringing his own lunch, he loves dressing up for it, he loves recess time and he absolutely loved being able to pick a toy out of the treasure chest at the end of the week (because of his good behavior all week). When I pick him up from school he is just bubbling over the top telling me about all the things he did that day. I love that he is enjoying it.

Here are some pictures from last week.