Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something I've been thinking about

On Tuesday, I went to Anthony's school for a 'volunteer orientation' where they gathered all of us who said we could volunteer our time and go over the things they would need us to do.

About 25 people showed up.

There are 34 classrooms of kids -over 600 students- in his school. Assuming at least half of the students live in 2 parent homes there should be something close to 1000 parents with kids in that school.

Out of 1000 parents, only 25 have the time to volunteer?

I find this very, very hard to believe.

Where is the parent involvement?

I can fully appreciate that many families have both parents working. I can fully appreciate that some stay at home moms may have younger ones at home they might not be able to find care for so they can go and volunteer. But, I also know there are plenty of parents who only have one child or who work odd hours or part time and can be available once a week for an hour or two. Where are they?

And why does this bug me so much?

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  1. That is pretty sad. So many kids don't have the support of their parents. I had a friend whose mom never would even attend the parent/teacher conferences. I don't get how people can't.