Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am happy to report that all of the new arrangements have been working out well for us. Anthony seems happier now that he is in a home environment while I'm at work. He gets a lot more one on one attention now which I think is something he needed.

I am a lot less stressed when I go to work because I know he is in good hands. He really loves going there and I know he is treated well at each of the sitters' houses.

I keep going back and forth about keeping Anthony in pre-k. He enjoys it for the most part, but since I've been volunteering at his school (in a different classroom than his) I see just how chaotic it can be and just how little attention each of the kids gets. Kids generally get looked past if they are being good and the kids who act up get all the attention. I know, I know, it's like that in every classroom. Still.

It doesn't help that there is a kid in his class who beats up on him and calls him names repeatedly. At least once a week I hear a story about how the kid hit him in the head with a plastic rake or punched him in the stomach or called him a crybaby or stupid.

Last week, Anthony got in trouble at school because he finally punched the kid back after being punched twice and called a crybaby. He was so upset for getting put on yellow because of it (a behavior chart thing they have at school) that he cried for over an hour after we came home.

I don't know. He really likes school other than when these things happen. He always looks forward to going but I feel like crap for continuing to take him whenever I hear the stories about him getting hurt. :( I don't know. Maybe I just feel this way because I feel like I hardly see him? I wish this program were a half -day program like I originally thought it was.


  1. Oh, Eve! I feel you on the sending him or keeping him home thing. I think that, despite the fact that it's really tough sometimes to deal with things like not so nice classmates, it's good practice for next year when you CAN'T not send him. J has been struggling so much this year that I've seriously considered pulling him out and homeschooling him, but I know deep in my heart that as tough as it is for me to watch, he's going to have to deal with all of this in life eventually, and it's good practice for having to learn to stand up to the bullies, or find appropriate interventions. Perhaps some serious conversations with the teachers will help? I just had my parent conference this week after some really disturbing (really, really really disturbing) issues were brought to light. Parental involvement and action is probably the key. Of course, you know that.

  2. Thanks, Angie. Knowing that if he has a hard time in Kindergarden next year I won't be able to pull him out is kind of keeping me from doing it this year. I don't want him to see that he can quit this year and think that he can quit next year, too. But at the same time I think "It's just pre-k" and wonder if it is really worth it for us to barely see each other. After all, next year there won't be a choice so this is my last chance to be more laid back with him.

    It sucks that we don't ever have a day off together unless we're sick. :(