Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My schedule kind of sucks right now since I have no seniority at work and got stuck with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as my days off. This means that I work 40 hours from Friday to Monday, two of those days I work at night. All of this is to say that finding someone to watch Anthony during the hours I work has been really, really difficult.

Currently, I have him in a daycare that doesn't have any type of schedule other than meal and nap times. No learning activities over the weekend -just free play, movies, and outside time. I am not happy with him spending so much time in front of a tv, but right now I have found no other option than this daycare. He seems to enjoy it and hasn't had any issues so far, so we are going to see if we can stick it out for a bit until I can find something that satisfies what I am looking for.

Recently, I have been worried about not being able to get him into a structured pre-school and that it would hurt him when he gets to Kindergarten. A couple weeks ago I found out about a pre-school program run by the public school system and decided I will try to get him into it. We have a screening appointment for it next Tuesday and then hopefully they will let me enroll him. I would prefer to have him in the program but if I cannot get him enrolled I have decided that I will home school him instead. The program is only a half-day schedule which would work out perfectly for us, I think.

I am also enrolling him in Karate. I was going to bring him back to Tae Kwon Do but he has decided he wants to do Karate this time, so that is what we will do. I'm sure if there were a Kung Fu option, he would want to go that route instead, seeing how much he is obsessed with the Kung Fu Panda movie lately! LOL

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