Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday = My Friday!

Mondays are my early days at work.

A typical Monday for me includes waking up at 445am, getting us dressed and out the door by 515 and to work at 530. Of course, since daycare doesn't open up until 6 this means I bring Anthony with me, have him chill out in the break room and watch Sesame Street while I go through the morning "open the tower" routine. Then at 6 I scoop him up and bring him to the daycare. (I am not the only one at the tower in the morning so I promise I don't leave it empty!)

By the time we come home at 345pm I am flat out exhausted and *have* to take a nap. Last night I was smart and actually went to bed at 730pm so the exhaustion took a little longer to set in today. LOL!

After work, Anthony and I went to a local bounce house and spent an hour climbing, bouncing, running, etc. It was really fun but also really tiring. We grabbed some ice cream on the way home and then later on gave each of the dogs a bath outside and ended up turning it into a "spray each other with the hose" game. Fun! Exhausting!

Anthony has been in bed for about an hour now and I am on my way to mine. Tomorrow will be a busy day but not like today! I am so ready for my weekend!

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