Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre-K Evaluation

Anthony did the Pre-K screening this morning which just involved answering a few questions and picking the right pictures off of different pages (shapes, numbers, letters, descriptive pictures, etc). There were a few tough questions that I didn't think he would know but he surprised me! Out of 50 questions he missed 4. The teacher was really excited that he was able to answer most of the questions correctly and went over the top in praising me. It made me feel proud for my smart little boy. :) At the end of the session (which only took about 15 minutes) he was allowed to pick out a brand new book to take home! How cool!

Hopefully his high score won't keep him out of this program. It is the type of program that goes to the "neediest" kids -those who score the lowest- first and then fill on a first come/first serve basis. I hope he gets accepted. :)


  1. Good job, Anthony! You have every right to be congratulated for being a good and dedicated mom. There are, unfortunately, many children that enter kindergarten that still don't know their basic shapes and colors.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that he makes it into the program!

  2. why doesn't it surprise me that your little guy is so smart? Good luck!

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Angie, I just don't understand how some parents can NOT teach their kids the simple stuff. Little kids are so eager to learn that even sitting down for 10 minutes a day and pointing things out in a book would help them learn. How do parents not do that? It makes me sad for some kids. :(