Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Anthony got accepted into the pre-k program! I am so happy for him! :)

Now, for some rants:

1. Anthony's birth certificate has been lost in the shuffle of everything. I have searched through what little is left here in the house and haven't been able to find it. Roy has looked in the few places we kept important documents (folders, the black box, etc) at his place. It is no where to be found. Last week, I ordered some from the Hawaii Department of Health but they haven't arrived yet. I have 2 weeks to enroll him in the program or his slot goes to someone else. *Cross your fingers that these new certificates arrive soon!! **I do have copies and I have a saved scan on my computer but -of course- they want the original!

2. When Roy did the change of address form, he did it for only his self. However, the post office has been sending everything with his last name to his new address. This includes any mail for me with his last name, and of course, anything with Anthony's name -to include the acceptance letter for the pre-k program. -Enter extremely angry pouty face here-

3. Well... I will save some more for another day.

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