Saturday, August 14, 2010

The drive home

There are two main roads here that run parallel to one another. Whenever we get ready to go somewhere I will ask Anthony's opinion "Which way do you want to go today?"

Tonight, Anthony spoke up before I could ask the question and he said "Let's take the long way home!" which means going up one of the main roads, past the street we would turn on to go home, loop around a bit and grab the other main road or the highway (which also runs parallel to the two main roads) to go home. Really, it's just a waste of gas and time, but I love going on drives and I think I have rubbed off on Anthony a bit. :)

The drive sparked some interesting conversation. He talked about ghosts and how he could kill them if they were real because he is "a fierce dragon warrior". He talked about all the steps he would have to take to drive the car which then led him to gaze at the light panel and ask about the "jelly fish" (high beam light). Eventually, he decided that I must be lost so I just *had* to make a U-turn to go back home or else we'd be lost forever.

Little did he know we were already on the highway headed back home. :)

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