Thursday, August 5, 2010

The imagination of a 4 year old boy

We went to the park for a couple of hours this morning. Normally, there are other kids there for Anthony to play with but today it was just the two of us. I brought a book to read and told Anthony to use his imagination and play. :)

He played on the equipment for awhile, admiring all the spider webs and bugs along the way. Then, he wandered a bit and ended up finding a rather long stick and made up some games to play.

First, he said he was wearing a blindfold and hitting a pinata hanging from a tree. Then, he was a knight fighting evil dragons. Then, he was riding on a horse, jousting another knight. Then, he was on a hike up a dangerous mountain.

After a while, we decided to take a walk on the trail along the shoreline of the reservoir and then headed back to the car to come home. All in all, it was a very peaceful morning. I love days like today. :)

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